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Frequently-Asked Questions

What is unitheism?

Unitheism can vary in meaning depending on the user, but generally implies connectivity or unification (uni-, one united; -theism, belief in deity) such as— deity of all religions is the same, divinity is encountered in persons and nature, increased knowledge tends toward agreement on matters of faith, etc.

Many of our beliefs are science and nature-based or inspired, so ideally, apart from cultural differences, they should be similar throughout the universe, since the laws of science and thus of nature are the same throughout the universe.

What is the Unitheist Fellowship?

The Unitheist Fellowship is a gathering place— so far only this website— for those who call themselves unitheists (see above), as well as those interested in learning more about unitheism and its ideas or contributing to them.

While we do not claim to speak for all unitheists, open-minded thinkers of all backgrounds should find ideas here that reaffirm yet inspire and challenge their own. We hope soon to have an online discussion forum for unitheists and others, as well as offline meeting opportunities if interest warrants.

What do you believe?

We have ten non-binding Articles of Principle. Generally we revere the goodness of life, striving to live well and to the extent possible help others live life to the best in both quality and quantity. We feel that faith, like science and medicine, should keep up with the times, and that enlightenment tends to unify faiths and basic world views.

Do you have scripture?

While we don’t have a canon of sacred texts, we look for and find value in the history, thoughts, and writings of all faiths old and new, as well as philosophy and other secular literature.

What’s the meaning of the triangle-circle-heart logo?

The Universal Faith Symbol, offered as a life-affirming and inspiring emblem, represents being as one and infinite in triune— law, the physics of the universe (triangle); life, the basis of awareness (circle); and love, conscious creating, enjoying, and sharing (heart). Other analogous representations may obtain, depending on faith or philosophy.

When the faith symbol is superimposed over a sunburst as shown it becomes the logo of the Unitheist Fellowship.

Why spacemaids?

The symbolic spacemaids (astride logo on homepage) represent contrasting aspects of humankind— above the waist, sensuality and feeling; below the waist, intellectual and technical prowess. The combinative fancies were adapted from Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and classic sci-fi rocket imagery.

Why scrolls?

Besides decorative function, scroll adornments and titles acknowledge that web pages are more like traditional scrolls, unrestricted in vertical length, than individual book pages, whose dimensions are fixed by the size of the book. No antiquity, infallibility, or special revelation is implied.

What’s FBR?

FBR is the abbreviation for Faith by Reason, a systematic collection of writings dealing with faith issues from a philosophic and unitheist perspective, currently an ongoing project. As with other writings on this site it does not claim to represent the opinions of all unitheists.

Do you believe in an afterlife?

At present we can’t honestly determine what if anything happens to our awareness after we die, so belief on this issue is left to the individual. The author of this website is developing a hypothesis which he calls Salvor, supporting the possibility of an afterlife via teleological principles.

Who is the author of this website?

Articles or pages not attributed were written by Warren Farr, artist and unitheist residing in Paducah, Kentucky, who also designed the Universal Faith Symbol as well as the logo of the Unitheist Fellowship. Attributed pages are used with permission.

How do I join?

At this time we do not have membership rolls, but if you call yourself a unitheist you can consider yourself a member. If you choose to do so we would be privileged.

Can I help?

Comments and suggestions as well as articles (for those so inspired) can be sent to info@unitheist.org.

Do you accept donations?

There’s currently no paid staff so financial needs are small, principally limited to domain-name renewals and modest hosting fees, currently contributed by the author. If you would like to contribute financially please contact us.

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