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Chapter 7 ~ Agnosticism

SINCE neither existence nor nonexistence of any transcendent elements can be verified, and divine immanence may be at least superficially-indistinguishable from the skeptic’s fully-natural ultimate reality, there doesn’t appear to be a way to decide between theism and atheism. So let’s consider agnosticism.

Agnostics seem to be the only ones honest enough to acknowledge impossibility of certainty in regard to God’s existence. Yet while this might seem a better and certainly safer choice than either theism or nontheism, in fact but a small minority of the population admits to being agnostic.

This may be because such an admission implies that one has abdicated faith efforts altogether, trying only to decide how much strength to invest in subduing the apparently inborn urge to avoid fence-sitting (complicated positive/negative, but can’t refrain from failing to resist the frill-aesthetic of the pseudo-polymorphous construct :) —

Leaving him with nothing to believe but doubt itself.

However could it be possible that there’s an alternative to theism, atheism, and agnosticism— yet another choice?

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