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Chapter 1 ~ Disclaimer

WHILE these projections are best-intentioned, be apprised that they are only fairly informed speculation. Incorporate those that appeal into your life as you choose, but with the discretion you would apply to any mere expression of opinion.

At its most-elemental the universe is inherently indeterminate, so random quantum effects negate meaningful prophesy, unless involving events on a large enough scale and in a short enough time frame that the effects of those variations (to which individual decision-making is particularly sensitive) aren’t magnified so much as to become significant.

While inherent indeterminacy posits free will, it also implies that no one can precisely predict the future, because there is not one destined future but as many as are possible within the laws of nature.

History has shown the challenge of prediction. Only a number of general forecasts, based on or reflective of large-scale trends, have bested the odds of occasional lucky guess (multifarious visions like those of Nostradamus excluded, due to interpretive ambiguities).

For example compare the success rates of even the most-touted astrologers and self-styled psychics, past or present, to the relative visionary accuracy of forecasters using historical and imaginative extrapolation techniques, such as Leonardo da Vinci— or nearer our own time, H. G. Wells.

I no more than anyone of any era have access to knowledge regarding what is likely to come. This alone urges reluctance in making a single tentative forecast, much less several chapters of predictions specific enough to have value.

Yet a collection of writings of the nature and scope of these volumes, much of it speculative and hinting at futures ranging from the cataclysmic to the utopian, invites such an attempt, if but concise and unassuming.

The time of their publication, on the heels of the Millennium— a once-in-a-thousand-years occurrence that, while arbitrary in its markings, directs unprecedented attention to the unfolding of history and our eventual place in it— is further encouragement.

Future sales of this collection (more important to this writer, in consequence of his present financial situation, than even the typical artist) could not be harmed and may be enhanced by the possibility of ensuing interest and controversy. Although currently available free online, its eventual release for sale in hard copy is anticipated.

While economic constraints are an integral part of the image associated with the Bohemian or beatnik, and some aspects of a seat-of-the-pants lifestyle might be missed, a smidgen of fiscal accoutrement— without resort to the role of gigolo— would be a welcome respite at this stage of life.

As to matters of the heart— although I feel privileged to claim as members of my circle a number of gorgeous, vibrant, and playful women, I’ve yet to secure completion in the form of a love-of-my-life, much less several such soulmates (who once I invite them to cohabitate won’t paper my walls and add knickknacks).

Past inclusion of my paintings in even major exhibitions, while beneficial for sales, failed in the area of romance. On the other hand reasonable distribution of this collection of writings would likely lead to travel, readings, and discussion-group participation— situations conducive, even at a mature stage in life, to social success.

With these caveats I drop my mental armor and bare my peccadilloes. Here for what they are worth are forecasts for this new Twenty-First Century and beyond— the long-term ones applicable only if a doombug doesn’t end our human adventure by spoiling our air or scrambling our DNA.

Again do not base life choices on the presumption that my commonsensical precognitive skills exceed yours, or ultimately constitute more than opinion. In other words I’m neither your fortune teller nor your investment counselor.

Faith By Reason Contents
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