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Chapter 4 ~ Home

MORE people will have the means to build larger houses on larger lots, with elaborate landscaping reminiscent of mansions of the past. Inside, besides media and game rooms, there will be a return to the more formal rooms of old— conservatories, libraries, galleries and cabinets (for collections), formal living and dining rooms, and even ballrooms.

In more humble abodes a disco floor or party room will substitute for the ballroom, with sophisticated light and sound systems, many custom designed. More elaborate trappings will include a place for a band to set up, and often a bar and refreshment area. (Even in my modest cottage I have such a suite in progress, which doubles as a two-room art gallery.)

Houses will be customized according to various tastes of their owners. There will be rooms and even whole floors devoted to bowling alleys, indoor putting greens, model railroads with incredible built-to-scale animated towns (called miniation), major art and craft projects, and every other hobby and interest imagineable.

Bathrooms will continue to get larger and better-appointed, evolving into spas complete with hot and cold pools, exercise, and message areas. (Of course for me to have hope of ever getting anything like this I’ll have to sell a lot more work, or not mind seeing agoraphobic cat-oder women who’ve fallen apart and maybe even hoard.)

High-definition television will continue to encourage more people to build in-home theaters, although most will continue to look more like family rooms, with couches and recliners instead of rows of seats. In a couple decades even HDTV resolution will be doubled each way, vertically and horizontally, and twelve-foot screens will become common in homes.

Obviously this will make all the tapes and discs of our present in-home movie collections seem like 78 and 45 RPM records, and even-earlier ones— those on 8 and 16 mm film— seem like Edison cylinders. Yet all will remain highly collectible, both for nostalgia and fun. Eccentrics like me will still build shelf after shelf to proudly display them.

Some people will watch movies on order via cable or satellite; others will build extensive movie collections in the new video-recording formats. (Don’t ask me what those new formats are going to be. When I look toward that future, my glasses fog up. I do know though that they will be bought and sold on Ebay.)

Speaking of glasses— Using the miracle of nanotechnology you will be able to put on an ordinary-looking pair of glasses and with nothing else view a 3D movie, with IMAX-quality-or-better picture and sound.

Virtual reality will enable us to relive history and make new history in worlds unknown. This will become as popular as television is now.

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