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Chapter 5 ~ Politics

THE first part of the Twenty-First Century will see a decline in the power and prestige of the United States, the result of fear-based militarism and short-sighted nationalism. Fiscal irresponsibility will lead to the collapse of the dollar, precipitating a worldwide depression.

A New Morality, more compassionate than judgmental, understanding than reactive, charitable than aggressive, will sound the beginnings of renewed peace, tolerance, and prosperity— not just for America but for the community of nations.

The Palestinians will get a homeland, and Israel’s wall will come down.

People will enjoy freedoms unimaginable now. Same-sex marriages will be legalized, as well as those between more than two people, provided all of the parties involved are capable of and give consent. The vast majority of us however will still do it the old-fashioned way.

Prostitution between consenting adults will become a respected profession, making it truly victimless. The providers will be licensed and given the title sensuality therapists, and the customers will be called clients. Although the percentage of men in the trade will rise, there will always be a greater demand for courtesans than courtiers.

(I admit that the above unnerves me a little. I have this recurring fear that eventually I’ll meet a wealthy ex-actress and see my life devolve into a seriously-bad remake of Sunset Boulevard.)

The war on drugs (trying to stop, by law enforcement, their manufacture and import) will be abandoned. A few drugs, like marijuana, will be legalized for adults only, and the rest will be decriminalized. Treatment for those who need and want it will tend to replace jail terms.

The death penalty will be abolished in the United States, but not until well into the century, and soon thereafter worldwide. In prisons, retribution will be deemphasized in favor of rehabilitation.

Government regulation of business and individuals— except where human rights and the environment is concerned— will decrease the world over.

The United Nations will be empowered to pass and enforce laws relating to disputes and aggressions between nations, human rights, the air and oceans, use of outer space, and patent and copyright laws. Beyond that there will be no monolithic world government, every politic remaining as local as possible— diversity appreciated as well as respected.

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