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Chapter 6 ~ Disasters

TERRORISM, both domestic and foreign, will remain a threat. Further attempts will be made on the Capitol and White House. In Europe government buildings are prime targets, as well as Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, and the Chunnel. However most successful attacks will be on soft targets— anywhere crowds gather.

A series of earthquakes will devastate the West Coast and later much of the central United States, but in the latter event both the arch in St. Louis and Elvis Presley’s home in Memphis will survive intact.

It will become possible to get occasional short-term warnings of major quakes, especially in areas such as the West Coast that are most frequently hit. California will not slide into the sea as Edgar Cayce predicted. What does he know anyway that turned out to be right? I’m a prophet. He isn’t.

Terrorists will obtain an atomic bomb, precipitating a major crisis or disaster. Nuclear weapons will again be used in war, but not by either the United States or Russia.

On a personal note I’ll meet an older woman at an art opening and find out she’s an heiress.

The percentage of people actively engaged in warfare will continue to decline over large-scale time (with many unfortunate reoccurrences), but won’t reach zero in the foreseeable future.

In a billion years Americans will be required to live on the roofs of Presidential libraries because, at one new library every four to eight years, there won’t be room left for anything else.

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