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Chapter 7 ~ Archeology

THE massive blocks used in the construction of the pyramids of Egypt will be found to have been lifted by water via a primitive system of locks.

Future archeological research at Stonehenge will show that the famous ring of stones originally had a timber and thatch roof, and that it served as a temple.

Nova Scotia’s Oak Island Money Pit, a popular treasure-hunting site, will yield gold and jewels. Proper access to the watertight storeroom originally situated a hundred feet down will be found to have been via a shaft and tunnel from the south shore (located under the stone arrow) rather than from the pit itself.

Atlantis will not rise from the ocean, it was Thera. Nor will Lemuria. It is just a made-up virtual reality to which people try to channel, not chunnel.

If and when it comes onto the market— possibly years from now— I’ll buy the building occupied by Comcast here in Paducah and jackhammer the parking lot looking for the Langstaff treasure. If that doesn’t work I’ll finagle an invitation to the yacht club and show up as a dandy. triform

Faith By Reason Contents
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