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Unitheist Fellowship Symbols
Inspirations and Interpretations

VISUAL elements transcend language and are universal in scope. Key symbols of the Unitheist Fellowship include the logo and spacemaids (shown above). Intended as vehicles of understanding rather than objects of veneration, a brief description of each symbol’s purpose and meaning follows—


The logo of the Unitheist Fellowship consists of the universal faith symbol— the triangle-circle-heart design— in red, on a golden sunburst. The banner that sometimes appears above the logo— Law, Life, Love— while not part of the logo itself, acknowledges the triangle, circle, and heart respectively. The spacemaids too are separate from the logo.

The universal faith symbol alone, apart from the sunburst, is not intended to represent the Unitheist Fellowship in particular but to more-inclusively represent universal faith, enlightenment, and positive humanism, whether revealed mystically or naturally. It has its own website— see Links.

The sunburst represents universality of law and ultimately faith. Just as scientific laws or truths are the same throughout the cosmos, so are divine laws or truths. The more we know the more we tend to unite in science and faith, on earth and any other sentient abode in the universe. It is also expressive of creation and existence— being itself.


Spacemaids represent contrasting aspects of humankind— above the waist, sensuality and feeling; below the waist, intellectual and technical prowess. The combinative fancies were adapted from Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and classic sci-fi rocket imagery.

By virtue of being inspired by mermaids, spacemaids reference them. Mermaids in turn reference fish, which comprise half their bodies. Science has evidence that we evolved from fish (past to present). Turning to spacemaids, which are half rockets— in the coming transhuman world we will evolve toward the contrived and/or technological (present to future).

The maids are naked, celebrating joy and freedom, and by their engines empowered rather than encumbered by technology. Both autonomy and science advance humankind, but can also endanger us. Spacemaids challenge us to embrace the hopes and joys of progress with respect and caution, yet without fear.


Faith by ReasonThe briar pipe (right) is an arbitrary symbol for the collection of six books that comprise Faith by Reason, an overview of unitheism. Here it represents study and contemplation.

A similar impulse inspired the expression, “Put that in your pipe and smoke it.” Perhaps sometime in the future, in this life or the next, it will be possible to puff to our heart’s content without negative health consequences. In the meantime it remains representative of thinker, artist, and author. triform

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