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The Meaning Of Life
by James Wiles

THERE is a feeling of unity amongst people. You fight a battle in a war, and the basic human emotion is to feel sorry for the person you shot.

However the world changes a person to be different. Most conform to that change. They grow up. They learn the world’s ways and not the innocent senses they were born with. These senses are universal, and do not require a faith or belief in them. They just are. They happen at will no matter what.

Few people can tap into this, so its gets covered up by the corruptness of what is learned in earthly life. The key is to stay young at heart. Keep everything simple. Enjoy, actually enjoy, everything you see. This keeps you in line with nature and all of humanity. All of this, including the basic human emotions, were given to us by God...who made us pure.

This pureness is what we seek until our death. All faiths are one because all faiths have in common “uncertainty.” It is also a faith if you don’t believe in anything (the ultimate extreme point on a line though).

In this sense, if we have a belief in anything, then we are trusting in a higher power. Since we have a belief, then we must think something is real other than us. In this sense, we all believe in God. And God loves us back for that. Even the innocent child of sub-Saharan African nomads is as much loved as a scholar of any bible.

This is the word God. It doesn’t represent God, nor prove God. It is God. It is love. God is love. The concept of pure happiness...nirvana. How do we achieve this? It’s simple. Don’t think too much. Go with your basic instincts. Learn the world, and then put it in perspective.

What is our purpose? Humans basically created everything. So what did we have before then? We had each other. That’s it. We could do one of two things. Love or hate. Our God given basic human emotion is to love. So keep it simple. Just love.

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© 2011 James Wiles - used with permission
revised 3/16