Friend presents best pal with morbid but funny ‘checklist’ for when she dies

The hilarious list that mentions communicating ‘from my coffin’ has created quite a stir on social media

An image of a checklist has been doing the rounds on social media – and it highlights the macabre and hilarious final requests of someone dying in the modern age.

The picture, entitled “after death checklist for best friend”, has found its way onto Facebook pages, Twitter posts, and even T-shirts, with many people tagging their nearest and dearest or commenting that it reminded them of something their lost loved one would have said.

In it, the author of the list gives their best friend five things to do after they die:

  1. Clear my browser history
  2. Keep posting to my social media as if it’s me in my coffin
  3. Remember the secret word that will let you know if a psychic is real
  4. Tell that one guy I never liked him
  5. Remember me.

While the image is very funny and has landed itself on many meme pages because of it, it has also resonated with a lot of people particularly those who are recovering from the loss of a good friend.

One Facebook user recalled that she had a ‘secret word’ with her friend but that she found it wasn’t needed after her death, saying “we will never stop our communication and soul connection” and that she felt her best friend was always ‘checking in’.