Beloved pet dog filmed looking absolutely terrified of fake duck by amused owners

Bane the Weimaraner didn’t live up to his Batman villain namesake when he came face to face with the garden ornament – backing off several times as he looked nervous

You’d have thought confronting a much smaller creature would be water off a duck’s back for a big dog.

But that wasn’t quite the case for this Weimaraner when he came face to face with an ornamental duck in a garden water feature.

Bane didn’t quite live up to his Batman baddie namesake when he spotted the garden feature floating around.

The seven-year-old had a tentative nibble at the duck but backed off a few times, before finally plucking it from the water triumphantly by its nose and carrying it away.

Owners Pamela and David, from Rugby, Warwickshire, said: “There’s not much that fazes Bane really, but this duck definitely seemed to.

“I wouldn’t have any other. They’re loyal, great-looking and are the best company.

“We’ve had plenty of adventures and look forward to having many more – maybe without ducks involved!”

Weimaraners were originally bred as gundogs in their native Germany and are known by some as the ‘Silver Ghost’ or the ‘dog with the human brain’.

They’re still found in hunting grounds in some areas, but you’re more likely to encounter them as loveable family pets.